Establishment of a Romanian company

Starting a company does not guarantee that your business idea will be a success and does not mean that once you set up your company you became a true entrepreneur; it is a necessary but not a sufficient condition. On the other hand, it is good to know that when you have a company you will have more responsibility: documents, accounting, all kinds of authorizations, controls, reports, but also advantages.

In Romania, the business bureaucracy can often be cumbersome but without a legally established company you cannot do much. In addition, setting up a company also means a number of responsibilities. So, let's see how you go about setting up your business and what you should do.

Let's establish the details together, and let's get started!

The establishment of a company starts with a road to the Trade Register to reserve the company name. Prior request to all operations at the Trade Register. The most commonly used types of companies are SRL (Limited Liability Company).

We will write them for you!

For the establishment services the company offers:

  • Name reservation for SRL;
  • Detailed consultancy regarding the necessary documents and the steps of setting up the company;
  • Technical writing: constitutive document, documents for the use of headquarters and work points, declarations and requests;
  • We establish together the CAEN codes for the activities carried out;
  • We deal with the completion of the necessary declarations;
  • Authorization of activities at headquarters, work points and third parties (at ONRC);
  • Information on future obligations;
  • ONRC fees and representation;
  • Preparation of the file and submission to ONRC;
  • Hosting services;

The share capital for SRL is 200 lei; Once they are deposited with the bank and the company is set up, the money can be withdrawn from the share capital account and used.

Depending on the bank you choose, you need certain documents for opening a share capital account.

Thus, not only will you have the company registered in a timely manner but you will be able to be sure of the correctness of the documents from a legal point of view. We have an experience that guarantees a simple and fast procedure, without headaches.

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