Moving Toward A Green Economy

As a project involving a renewable energy source, the solar power station will do its bit to improve the environmental situation in Kazakhstan.

"The station will use green technology, which Samruk-Energo sees as a way to partially compensate for the damage done to the environment by the coal and nuclear industries," Karpishev said.

"Samruk's project has been welcomed by the Kazakhstani environmental community, which is seriously concerned about the booming extraction of uranium and plans to create a nuclear fuel bank in the country," he said, referring to Kazakhstan’s status as the world’s biggest uranium producer since 2009.

"(The use of) sunlight is a great way for Kazakhstan to shift to clean energy," Ecological Initiative Development Agency (EcoIDEA) head Yekaterina Strikeleva said. "I would like for solar energy to find a firm niche in Kazakhstan’s energy supply.”

"By boosting the use of alternative energy sources, we scale down environmental risks and make further steps toward sustainable development," Almaty Energy and Communications University President Gumarbek Daukeyev said.

"I wish, though, our progress was faster," for which purpose Kazakhstan would need to accelerate the development of alternative energy sources, he added.

"This especially concerns solar energy sources, which are abundant in the country's south,” he said. “Promoting solar energy in a country as sunny as ours should help us preserve the environment for the generations to come.”