Service in the spotlight: “in house recruitment”

The “in house recruiter’ is an experienced interim manager specialized in recruitment.

Today the war for talent makes it hard to get an inflow of qualified personal.

The in house recruiter is the answer and remediation to this. The “in house recruiter makes the difference between traditional search agencies, traditional recruiters, specialized interim agencies and executive search agencies.

He will perform for you and find the right people in 60 days as he will work as part of your team in house in your offices.

The “in house recruiter” does the intake with the hiring managers, draft the search profiles and execute the search profiles and keeps following until the contract with the employee is signed.

He acts as part of the organisation and defines:

  • The social media strategy Facebook, LinkedIn, LinkedIn recruiter, twitter, G+
  • He implements a small and inexpensive ATS system (if needed) for the intake of the candidates and uses the website and career  portal generated by this ATS for SEA purposes
  • He defines the SEO strategy for organic searches by candidates on google so that the search profiles will be found and position on the first page of google in order to attract candidates
  • All in house recruiters are certified black belt search ninja’s and experts in strategy and technical execution of the SEO and SEA strategies


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