support for micro and small enterprises in rural areas that create or develop non-agricultural activities in rural areas.



  • to stimulate rural businesses, contributing to an increase non-agricultural activities carried out in rural areas;
  • development of non-agricultural activities existing creating jobs, increasing income and reducing rural population disparities between rural and urban areas.



  • Micro and small enterprises in rural areas;
  • Newly established micro and small enterprises in rural areas that are proof of co-financing;
  • Farmers and members of agricultural households diversify their agricultural base activity the development of non-agricultural activities within existing enterprise framed Micro and small enterprises.

Individuals are not eligible beneficiaries.




  • The applicant must qualify for eligible beneficiaries;
  • The investment must fall into at least one of the types of activities supported by sub-measure;
  • The applicant must operate in rural areas;
  • The activity of micro-enterprises and small businesses in rural areas will be conducted in space areas and at least 80% of new employees must have residence in rural areas;
  • The applicant must provide co-financing investments; space areas and at least 80% of new employees must have residence in rural areas;
  • Jobs for new employees be provided with full time;
  • Applicant should demonstrate the economic viability of the investment;
  • The company does not have to be in difficulty, in accordance with the legislation in force;
  • The applicant shall comply with the de minimis rule.




Public support grant will be 90% of the total eligible costs and shall not exceed:

200.000 EURO / beneficiary in 3 fiscal years (cf. R (EU) 1407/2013 on support de minimis).



a. Construction, expansion and / or modernization and equipping buildings.

b. Acquisition (including leasing) of new machinery, plant and equipment, installation costs.

c. Investment type or purchase software development and acquisition of patents, licenses, copyright, trade marks (investment assets / intangible investments).

d. Investments in production and marketing own NON-AGRICULTURAL products :

  • Manufacture of textiles, clothing, leather goods, paper and cardboard articles;
  • Manufacture of chemicals, pharmaceuticals;
  • Activities for processing wood products;
  • Metallurgy, manufacture of metal construction, machinery and equipment;
  • Manufacture of electrical, electronic products;
  • The production and use of renewable energy for its own activities, as part of the project etc.

e. Investment for crafts:

  • Craft activities and other non-traditional agricultural activities (pottery, embroidery, processing manually iron, wool, wood, leather, etc.).

f. Investment in services:

  • Medical, social, veterinary services;
  • Car repair services, tools and household items;
  • Consultancy, accounting, legal, audit;
  • Service activities in information technology and information services;
  • Technical services, administrative, etc.

g. Investments in infrastructure for accommodation facilities  in agro-tourism, projects of leisure activities.

h. Production of biomass fuels (ex.: manufacture of pellets) for marketing purposes.




  • Activity agricultural services will be excluded from funding by declaring ineligible related CAEN codes;
  • Processing and marketing of products resulting from Appendix I to R (EU) 1308/2013;
  • Specific expenses for the establishment and operation of businesses (obtaining permits operating license fees, salaries employees, administrative costs, etc.).
  • Investments in facilities for the production of electricity from biomass, according to art. 13 of Reg. No delegation. 807/2014.





  • diversification of agricultural activities of existing farms to non-agricultural activities.
  • prioritizing the industry, the purpose of prioritizing productive activities (including crafts) and primary services for the population (medical, social, sanitary- veterinary).
  • stimulate tourism activities for the purposes of prioritizing agro activities carried out areas with high tourist potential / ecotourism destinations / protected areas.
  • prioritizing sectors with growth potential (textiles and leather, creative and cultural industries, service activities in information technology, tourism, etc.).
  • previous experience as a general activity of the company for better business management economic.


Areas of diversification covered under sub-measure are:

  • Productive activities (eg. textiles, clothing, leather, paper and cardboard articles; manufacture of chemicals, pharmaceuticals; wood products processing activities; metallurgy, manufacture of buildingmetal, machinery and equipment; manufacturing electrical products, electronics, etc.)
  • Crafts (craft activities and other traditional activities nonagricultural - pottery, embroidery, manual processing of iron, wool, wood, leather, etc.)
  • Tourist activities (agro-tourism accommodation services, leisure and travel services catering) ;
  • Providing social services, including construction, reconstruction and / or modernization of the premises and areas related to their activities (eg. medical, social, sanitary-veterinary, repair machines, tools, household items; consulting, accounting, legal, audit; services Information Technology and Services; technical services, administrative, etc.).



Support will be given in the form of:

  • Reimbursement of eligible costs;
  • Payments on the provision of a bank guarantee corresponding percentage 100% of the advance, in accordance with Art. 45 (4) and Art. 63 of Reg. EU 1305/2014;

Guarantee Financial Instrument.