Real Estate

Buying real estate land and buildings in Romania

Planning expansion in Romania???  Do you want to buy real estate or land???

We are here to support you.

Real estate can be acquired in two ways:

•        Directly, e.g. by acquiring the real estate (asset deal)

•        Indirectly, e.g. by acquiring a corporation owning real estate (share deal).

In either case, there is no stamp duty or tax. The only fees are these related to the notary and registration (Land Book/Commercial Registry) requirements.

Land  tax are varies depending on local council decisions.

For Sale: House and land in the Romanian Danube plain nearby Moldova – 60.000 Euro – close to the black sea

Surface  +/- 9500m2 with a small vineyard who produce  a good wine.

There are 3 small houses and a few stabling. One house is renovated.The roof with traditional thatch  was replaced in august 2010. Inside and outside fully restored. The outside walls are finished with  y-tong blocks covered with cement and painted. The windows  in pvs with termopane and the income door  firwood. Inside 3 rooms.


Offer 1002 Exceptional plot 37600 sqm hectare industrial land for sale in iclod in cluj Romania 2 or 3 parcels for industrial investment

Exceptional land for industrial investment. The surface can be  divided in 2 or 3 plots. Each plot has an opening at the national road. The price 10 Euro/sqm.

Location iclod near cluj on teh road to deva in front of teh radiator factory.

Wide street opening D=146 m with easy access from national road Cluj –Dej. There is a modified PUG available. The classification of the land is “industrial” because of the classification in the urbanism plan of the city Iclod (PUG).

Land for sale for construction in Brasov in Cristian (Brasov city) 13002 sqm for residential development with 18 parcels and approved PUZ

Description of the land:

Opening at the DN 73B of 53 meters

Total surface 13002 sqm

PUZ is approved with parcel sizes of 500 sqm  x 16  and 1000 sqm x 2 with a service road of 10 meters.

There is cadastre documentation and the limits of the land are marked with metal pickets.


Gas, Electricity, water at the edge of the land.

Download the full presentation in anexa


Предложение по стоимости недвижимости

Мы предоставляем Полные услуги продажи недвижимости и менеджмента собственности. Мы обладаем 10 летним опытом на восточных рынках. Наши решения позволят Вам принять решение относительно Вашего имущества и Ваших инвестиций. Более 10 лет наш отдел услуг в сфере недвижимости предоставляет широкую гамму предложений и решений, которые приходят на помощь различным сделкам с недвижимостью. Комбинируя годы финансовой экспертизы недвижимости с опытом и становлением нашей компании, отдел услуг в сфере недвижимости развил уникальный набор предложений для наших клиентов.