Subventions in Romania for young farmers installed and a newly settled farmers ( intervention DR-12)

The long-awaited intervention DR-12, one of the novelties brought by the National Strategic Plan 2023-2027, will be launched this year! Through it, young established farmers will be able to benefit from a financing of 200,000 euros/farm, with an intensity of 80%. These measure describes subventions for young farmers in Romania.

Unlocking Digital Growth: How SMEs Can Benefit from the PNRR Aid Scheme to Digitize Their Businesses

The Official Gazette of Romania  has released the SME grant scheme, which falls under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), offering EUR 500,000-3 million to non-IT companies in partnership with IT companies for digitization projects.

The scheme, known as "Grants to support entrepreneurs in the development of advanced digital technologies," aims to assist SMEs in implementing innovative digital technologies such as data and cloud computing, blockchain, high performance and quantum computing, the internet of things, and cyber security.

A Guide to Non-Refundable European Funds: Enhancing Opportunities for Romanians in 2024

Non-reimbursable European funds are an important source of financing for central and local authorities, but especially for Romanians who want to open or expand a business. The European Union has prepared the non-refundable funds for the Romanians who need them, they only have to apply for them. The good news for those who want non-reimbursable European funds in 2024 is that in the 2021-2027 EU budget exercise, Romania can receive approximately 4 billion euros through the European Union's Cohesion Policy.

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in Romania

Romanian agriculture can be transformed with these exciting farming funds.

Romanian farmers and entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector have the opportunity to receive financial aid through various DR interventions. Depending on the type of investment, the maximum amount available for projects can range from 3 million to 10 million euros. The total budget for these European funds is 210.3 million euros and the registration period is open from December 20, 2023 to April 30, 2024, until 4:00 p.m.

EU funds and state aid - 2024 financing for Romanian micro, small and medium-sized companies

1. SME grants of EUR 200,000-8 million in just transition counties

Micro-enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in 6 counties affected by the reduction of polluting industrial activity will be able to obtain grants of 200,000-8 million euros per project, in the form of regional state aid and de minimis aid.

Funds of max. €280,000 for farmers in Romania

Farmers in Romania will be able to benefit from state grants of a maximum of 280,000 euros each, to cover the interest on bank loans, through an aid scheme proposed, on Friday, by the Ministry of Agriculture, through an emergency ordinance project.

The Farmer's Credit state aid scheme, initiated in the context of the crisis caused by Russia's aggression against Ukraine, provides a total budget of 815.5 million lei (164.1 million euros), from which it is estimated that 3,500 farmers in Romania will receive support for working capital.

State aid for Romanian companies to support investments HG807 till 2028

The purpose of HG no. 807/2014 updated in 2023 valid till 2028

The purpose of HG no. 807/2014 updated 2023 is represented by the establishment of a state aid scheme with a major impact on the economy, the objective of which is regional development by making investments in certain sectors of the economy. The total value of an investment project must be at least 4.5 million lei. The minimum value of a project was determined by reference to an equivalent value of approximately 1 million euros (calculated at an exchange rate of 4.5 lei/euro).

How to obtain subventions in Romania for your investments and projects

Use our subvention and grant services in Romania

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Each year the amount of grants made by corporations, foundations, and government agencies increases. Organizations that do not have enough funding in place to hire more staff and set up an office for the express purpose of writing and managing grants can benefit immeasurably from the services of our grant or subvention file consultants.

The Romanian government offers RON 2,250/month in subsidies for companies hiring graduates and unemployed people

“The Romanian government offers RON 2,250/month in subsidies for companies hiring graduates and unemployed people over the age of 45 and the Romanian Govt. increases subsidies for employers who hire apprentices.”

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The Romanian government offers RON 2,250/month in subsidies according to EU  subventions in Romania 

Seminarie ‘EU-fondsen voor Bulgarije en Roemenië’

Kom te weten hoe u voordeel kan halen uit de EU-fondsen voor Bulgarije en Roemenië!

Organisatie: Flanders Investment & Trade, samen met AWEX.

Dit seminarie biedt Vlaamse bedrijven praktische informatie over hoe een beroep te doen op de EU-fondsen voor Bulgarije en Roemenië. Het programma verloopt in het Engels en u heeft de mogelijkheid de sprekers persoonlijk te ontmoeten tijdens de netwerklunch.