Digital Due Diligence (DD) and Pre-DD performed on farm land in Romania

After selling large plots of agricultural land during 2003-2007 we shifted from sales to due diligence and used our expertise to evaluate farms and agricultural land in Romania. Since then we performed a due diligence almost every year in a classical way. We also used our expertise for share deals with factories that were bought by investors as we active in Romania since 2003.

Setting up a company in Romania or how to create a company in Romania ?

Is it easy to create a  company in Romania?

Today it is relatively easy to set up a company in Romania. We provide customized advice. The establishment of a company in Romania is easy for us, we have more than 15 years of experience.

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Choice of legal form of your Romanian company

The most common legal forms are the SRL (BV, BVBA) and the SA (NV). You choose a legal form:

1. Societate cu răspundere limitată (SRL) - Limited liability company

Een bedrijf oprichten in Roemenië

Kan ik gemakkelijk een bedrijf oprichten in Roemenië ?

Vandaag is het relatief eenvoudig om een bedrijf op te richten in Roemenië. Wij adviseren op maat. De oprichting van een bedrijf in Roemenië is voor ons eenvoudig we hebben meer dan 15 jaar ervaring.

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Keuze rechtsvorm voor een bedrijf in Roemenië

De meest voorkomende rechtsvormen  zijn de SRL  (BV, BVBA) en de SA  (NV) . U kiest een rechtsvorm:

Subventions in Romania for young farmers installed and a newly settled farmers ( intervention DR-12)

The long-awaited intervention DR-12, one of the novelties brought by the National Strategic Plan 2023-2027, will be launched this year! Through it, young established farmers will be able to benefit from a financing of 200,000 euros/farm, with an intensity of 80%. These measure describes subventions for young farmers in Romania.

Discover How RaaS Can Lower Recruitment Costs and Boost Hiring Rates

This article describes the core of RaaS, illustrating its role and benefits in modern recruitment practices. It presents a comprehensive overview of how RaaS operates, underscoring its advantages over traditional recruitment methods, including the strategic use of recruitment consulting and technology-driven recruitment tools. Furthermore, the article outlines actionable steps and best practices for implementing RaaS, providing readers with a roadmap to leverage this innovative recruitment strategy effectively.

News in the calculation of income tax for micro-enterprises of 1% or 3% in Romania

If, by the deadline of April 15, 2024, you have decided that you qualify for the application of the micro-enterprise taxation regime, and that you still opt for this regime, because:

The company is the only one that applies this regime among all Romanian legal entities in which an associate/shareholder holds, directly or indirectly, more than 25% of the value/number of participation titles or voting rights and was established by the associates/shareholders to apply tax on the income of micro-enterprises;

Een fabriek bouwen in Roemenië Green Field Investment

Het potentieel van Roemenië voor directe buitenlandse investeringen (DBI) maakt een een veelbelovende groei door, zoals blijkt uit de toename van de inkomende DBI-stroom tot 11.273 miljoen USD in 2022 en de stijging van het aantal greenfield-investeringen tot 190 in hetzelfde jaar. Deze stijging wijst op een groeiend vertrouwen en een groeiende interesse van investeerders, waardoor Roemenië een aantrekkelijke bestemming wordt voor investeringsmogelijkheden, met name in de greenfieldsector.

10 Reasons to Invest in Romania

Romania is emerging as an enticing destination for those looking to invest in Romania, by its strategic European location that assures seamless access to diverse markets including the EU, CIS, and Middle East. Romania offers a robust terrain for Romania investment opportunities.

Mastering Recruitment in Romania: Insights and Best Practices

In Romania, the intricacies of recruitment are shaped by a diverse linguistic landscape, with Romanian as the official language spoken by 85% of the population. Additionally, many Romanians are proficient in Hungarian, Romani, Ukrainian, Russian, and Bulgarian, and there is a growing trend among the young population to learn English, French, or German.