State aid subvention scheme for Romanian companies who create jobs by an investment

Romanian subventions till 2028

In the period 2023 - 2025, the state aid scheme will take place according to H.G. no. 332/2014 regarding the establishment of a state aid scheme to support investments that promote regional development by creating jobs.

The state aid scheme envisages the financing in the form of non-refundable amounts, of salary costs, recorded for a period of 2 consecutive years, within the limit of the maximum allowed intensity, as a result of the creation of at least 100 jobs determined by the realization of an investment initials.

Through this scheme, it is intended to encourage the active participation of businesses in reducing the economic gaps between regions and the recovery of the Romanian economy, by making investments and creating more than 36,000 new jobs.

The maximum budget of the scheme is 2,700 million lei, respectively the equivalent of approximately 600 million euros. The average annual budget of the scheme is 450 million lei, respectively the equivalent of approximately 100 million euros, with the possibility of addition.

In order to ensure regional development, the financed projects have to generate contributions (by paying taxes to the consolidated state budget and local budgets) during the implementation period and 5 years from the date of completion to equal the paid state aid.

Eligible sectors for Romanian subventions:

Initial investment in eligible sectors refers to:

  • the setting-up of a new unit/new activity;
  • the extension of an existing unit (except for large enterprises from Ilfov);
  • the diversification of production by adding new products or
  • a fundamental change in the overall production process of an existing unit (except

for large enterprises from Ilfov).

The estimated total number of companies that will benefit from state aid under the scheme is 1,700.

Until December 31, 2023, agreements will be issued for financing based on this scheme, in compliance with the legislation in the field of state aid. At the same time, until December 31, 2028, the payment of state aid will be made based on the agreements issued, taking place in parallel and actions to monitor the maintenance of jobs.

Until 30.09.2022, based on this state aid scheme, 54 investment projects were approved for financing, which will generate 10,642 new jobs, for which state aid was approved in the amount of 880.71 million lei, of which 133.95 million lei have already been paid (of which 15.39 million lei in the period January - September 2022) for salary expenses related to the newly created jobs.

This scheme was closed in 2017 and was reopened on 03.12.2020, the date from which requests for approval for financing can be submitted, the session for submitting requests for approval for financing is ongoing.

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