support the establishment of young farmers for the first time as heads / managers of a single farm.



  • first time installation of young farmers, as heads / managers of a farm;
  • improve management, increasing the competitiveness of the agricultural sector and compliance with environmental, hygiene and animal welfare safety at work;
  • sub-measure will make it possible for young farmers residents with permanent residence in Romania with minimum basic knowledge to install the heads / managers of the holding;
  • increasing the number of young farmers starting for the first time as an agricultural activity heads / managers holding;
  • encouraging young people and families in rural areas to stabilize rural, which will create a positive effect on the national economy in general.



Total public session for 2015 related to Sub- measure 6.1 is 111 209 889 Euro of which:

  • 10% - Government contribution;
  • 90% - EU contribution.

For Bucharest and Ilfov public contribution is divided as follows:

  • 25% - Government contribution;
  • 75% - EU contribution.

Out of the total public contribution, the allocation for the mountain is EUR 33,362,967.




Eligible applicants for a grant awarded under this sub are:

  • The young farmer as defined in Art. 2 of R (EU) nr.1305 / 2013, is installed as the sole head of the farm;
  • The legal entity with several shareholders where a young farmer within the meaning of art. 2 of R (EU) 1305/2013 is installed and exercise effective long term in terms of decisions concerning the management, benefits and financial risks related to the holding.


The holding must meet the following conditions:

  • The farm has an economic dimension between 12000-50000 SO;
  • The holding is registered as a micro / small enterprise;
  • The holding is registered in the register of unique identification required - APIA in Agricultural Register and / or holding register - ANSVSA;


Whatever form of organization applicants must comply categorizing micro and small enterprises:

A. micro-enterprises - with up to 9 employees and an annual net turnover

or total assets up to 2 million, equivalent in lei;

B. small - that have between 10 and 49 employees and an annual turnover

net or total assets of up to EUR 10 million, equivalent in lei.




  • to qualify for micro and small enterprises;
  • owns a farm with between 12,000 and 50,000 economic SO
  • has competences and skills, performing at least one of the following conditions:
  • secondary education / degree in agriculture / veterinary / agricultural economics;
  • agricultural knowledge gained by participating in programs
  • training / certificate of competence gained through experience (ANC)
  • submit a business plan for the development of farming activities agricultural seeking support through this sub- measure;
  • beneficiary shall establish domicile and head office in the Territorial Administrative Unit which is registered holding and working;
  • Business Plan implementation must begin no later than 9 months from date of the decision to grant support;
  • applicant undertakes to become active farmer (according to Art. 9 of Regulation (EU) No. 1307/2013) no later than 18 months from the date of completion of installation;
  • before the application of the second installment payment, the beneficiary proves growth economic performance of the holding
  • if the aim livestock farm, business plan will It is compulsory in facilities management of manure, as environmental rules



Proposed expenditure in the Business Plan, including working capital and the relevant activities proper for implementation of the approved business plan will be eligible, regardless of their nature, subject to the conditions of ineligible expenditure.

All activities that the applicant has undertaken to perform under the Business Plan and for which he received scores in the selection, are prerequisites for continued support and throughout the contract.



  • expenditure on goods and equipment "used";
  • expenditure incurred before the signing of the contract of the project exception of the aforementioned overheads that can be made before submitting application form, the necessary expenditure and project implementation involving establishment / re orchards, which can be achieved by application of financing;
  • expenditure on the purchase of vehicles for personal use and transport people;
  • investment costs subject to double funding which cover the same eligible costs;
  • interest on debt;
  • purchase of land built on exceeding 10% of the total eligible
  • set out in the business plan and the land built;
  • purchase of land built;
  • VAT, unless it cannot recover under national legislation on VAT and specific provisions for instruments financial;


Amount of grant:

Public support grant is provided for a maximum of three / five years (period five years applies only to fruit growing sector) and is:

  • 50,000 euro for farms between 30,000 SO and 50.000 SO
  • 40,000 euro for farms between 12,000 SO and SO 29999

Support for young farmers will be paid as a premium in two installments, as follows:

  • 75% of the amount of support the completion of the financing decision;
  • 25% of the amount of support shall be granted provided proper implementation plan business, not exceeding three years (five years for fruit growers), the end contract.