• creation and modernization of local road infrastructure and systems supply water / wastewater, form a basis for rural community;
  • creation and modernization ante and preschool education and upper secondary education infrastructure with natural resources and environmental profile and vocational schools in agriculture.



  • Creating road infrastructure of local interest and infrastructure of water / wastewater improved, which will help to reduce social and economic trends of decline and to improve living standards in rural areas;
  • Improving the living conditions of the rural population and to stop the phenomenon of depopulation of rural areas by reducing rural-urban disparities.



  • Municipalities and their associations - according to national legislation (Law 215/2001);
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs according 26/2000) - Investment in:

- educational infrastructure (kindergartens);

- social infrastructure (after-school).



  • The applicant must qualify for eligible beneficiaries;
  • The investment must fall into at least one of the types of support provided by sub-measure;
  • Applicant must not be in insolvency or default;
  • The investment to be made in rural areas;
  • The investment is part of a national/regional/county/local development strategy;
  •  The investment must comply with the General Urban Plan;
  • Investing in infrastructure for water / wastewater must comply with Master Plans for water / wastewater;
  • The investment in the water supply system must necessarily be carried out with wastewater network if it does not exist;
  •  Investing in infrastructure for water / wastewater should be done in rural areas belonging in agglomerations between 2000-10000 L. E.
  • It must be demonstrated necessity, opportunity and socio-economic potential of the investment
  • The applicant must undertake to ensure maintenance of the investment for a period of minimum 5 years from the last payment;
  • Infrastructure investment project water / wastewater operator must hold opinion Regional functionality and compliance attesting to the solution of operation.



For unprofitable projects, the financial support will be 100% of expenditure eligible and shall not exceed:

a. 1,000,000 euro / community for investment aimed one type of support (infrastructure roads, water / wastewater);

b. 2,500,000 euro / community for investment to establish the infrastructure of water / wastewater;

c. 1,500,000 euro / community for investment expansion of water / wastewater;

d. 4,000,000 Euro / project for collective projects without exceeding the maximum / community / type of support;

e. 500,000 euro for infrastructure projects educational / social.

For profitable projects, the financial support will be maximum 85% of the total eligible expenditure and shall not exceed 100,000 Euro / project - for projects implemented by NGOs educational infrastructure and social concerns (after-school infrastructure).



1. Investments in tangible assets for projects:

a. road infrastructure facilities for local interest and water / wastewater infrastructure:

  • construction, expansion and / or modernization of public water systems in rural areas belonging to the clusters between 2000-10000 them;
  • construction, extension and / or modernization of wastewater in rural places belonging to agglomerations between 2000-10000 them;
  • construction, extension and / or modernization of local roads.


b. infrastructure educational / social:

  •  establishment and modernization (including equipment) kindergartens and nurseries, including demolition, where a recommended technical expertise;
  • expansion and modernization (including equipment) secondary high educational institutions technological with profile of natural resources and environmental protection and schools work in agriculture;
  • establishment and modernization (including equipment) after-school infrastructure, including demolition, where technical expertise recommends.



  1. Contributions in kind;
  2. Costs for rental of machinery, plant and equipment;
  3. Operating costs including maintenance and rental costs;
  4. General ineligible expenses.


  • prioritizing investment type for the purposes of prioritizing investment in infrastructure water / wastewater;
  • coverage of population served.

Specific investments in roads

  1. connectivity to ensure the link with the main roads and other transport routes;
  2. multi-purpose role in economic accessibility, the tourist areas, the social investment, other investments financed from EU funds.

Specific investments in infrastructure water / wastewater

  1. prioritization of investments that complement those financed by the SOP and / or POIM.

Specific investments in infrastructure related to education and social services

  1. prioritizing investment type as follows: educational and social infrastructure.


Support will be given in the form of:

  • reimbursement of eligible expenses;
  • payment in advance, subject to a bank guarantee or equivalent relevant 100% of the advance, cf. art. 45 (4) and art. 63 of R (EU) 1305/2013.

Grants will separate allocations sessions on specific types of infrastructure.