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Een uitgebreide handleiding voor het maken van e-facturen in het ANAF e-Factura systeem van Roemenië

Is de Roemeense wereld van e-facturatie klaar om veroverd te worden?

Stop met zoeken! We zijn verheugd je onze video "E-factura in Roemenië: A Crash Course", die dient als complete handleiding voor de aanpassing aan de verplichte invoering van e-facturatie. Deze boeiende video laat mijn kennis zien en biedt een uitgebreide, stap-voor-stap uitleg over het effectief beheren van de nieuwe fiscale rapportageprocedures.

2024 B2B e-invoicing regime in Romania: New Guidelines and Penalties

Romania has recently implemented new regulations and penalties for its upcoming B2B e-invoicing regime, which will be launched in two phases in 2024. The government emergency ordinance 115/2023 introduces several amendments, including exemptions for simplified invoices, exports, non-resident counterparties, and B2C transactions. Additionally, the grace period for fines has been extended until July 2024.

Micro company in Romania has a tax regime of 3 percent till 100.000 euro – taxes in Romania

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The micro company is a very interesting company as the tax levels are very low. It can be used to save money as it is a company it is fully legal (piggy bank). With this company you can invest and when you make the pension you simply dissolve it and then the remaining money will be transferred after legal dissolvation in conformity with law 31/1990 to your personal account.